Services for our clients

With over 17 years of experience in hydrology and quantitative water management Q-Hydrology provides the following services:

  • Model conceptualisation and development
  • Rainfall-runoff modelling
  • Soil moisture modelling (unsaturated zone)
  • Groundwater recharge modelling
  • Water allocation modelling
  • Hydropower studies
  • Modelling of snow and glacier (cryosphere) processes
  • Crop yield modelling
  • River flow forecasting
  • Flood modelling and forecasting
  • Flood frequency statistics
  • Rainfall frequency analyses
  • Scenario impact modelling
  • Climate change impact studies
  • Resource consents
  • River basin management
  • Water balance studies
  • Water resource mapping (e.g., rainfall or evapotranspiration mapping)
  • Operational hydrological services & tools (e.g., flow or soil-moisture forecasting)
  • Remote sensing applications
  • Data processing and analyses
  • Technical report writing and reviewing

Q-Hydrology provides these services by using a smart combination of quantitative methods, models and tools, remote sensing, and data.